FROM PHILIPSBURG (Dutch St. Maarten) Go EAST on Front Street. At the intersection, W.G. Buncamper Road, go RIGHT toward the cruise ship harbor. Go ½ mile to the cruise ship harbor, pass it for about a block. Turn LEFT at the intersection (just after Sea Palace restaurant).
The road splits at Saith's Grocery Store. Keep RIGHT going up Ground Dove Road a block.
You are there.

There's beer and ice and a pay phone at nearby SAITH'S GROCERY at the foot of Ground Dove Road... the road to the bay. Parking isn't a problem nearby.

Pointe Blanche is walking distance from Philipsburg.

Pt. Blanche Bay is in the lower right corner (J-10) of this MAP.

Here is the BIG MAP -- you can zoom in on it.

See a Google Earth™ image slideshow of the bay.

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